No I suspect... First you might want to ask what a sentiment analyser is?

Sentiment Analyser is a sentiment classifier. It uses a model of words that are categorised as…


On 7th August, 2020, President Muhammadu Buhari signed the Companies and Allied Matters Bill, which was recently passed by the National Assembly, into law. The new Companies and Allied Matter Act (“CAMA 2020” or “the Act”) introduces new provisions to reflect modern commercial realities as well as reduce compliance costs and regulatory hurdles for businesses in Nigeria.


The CAMA 2020 repeals the CAMA 1990 and amongst other provisions introduces the following changes:

Provisions for a single member/shareholder companies whereby, under the CAMA 2020, a private company can be established with only one member or shareholder;

Authorized Share Capital…

It’s a common process. You’re in the restroom and the only other guy in the whole place nuzzles up to the urinal next to you. You hear the guttural clearing of his throat phlegm just before you witness his expectoration just as the urine starts to flow.

Even for men who do not consistently spit, the act of spitting before you pee is not an uncommon occurrence. It is more common to spit in circumstances where phlegm is more naturally produced (e.g. exercising ). …

Being exposed to too much artificial light such a television or light on in the bedroom while sleeping ups the risk of weight gain and obesity in women.

Disruption to sleep patterns, such as what can happen during shift work, is now recognised as an important risk factor for weight gain and metabolic abnormalities. Shift work is a challenge to the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

This is compounded by being exposed to light at night, which suppresses the creation of melatonin. Melatonin (see story this issue) plays a key role in regulating hormones such as insulin, cortisol and leptin.


Most people starts developing lungs cancer at early age or old age…

Some even died without showing symptoms of the condition or even know the cause of death.

According to research, radon gas is the major causes of lungs cancer.

Radon gas is produced during the decay of elements such as uranium and radium. The gas is comprised of radioactive particles that, when breathed in, damage the cells lining of your lungs. When exposed to high levels of radon over extended periods of time, you are more likely to develop lung cancer. …


Christians Magazine

There are two descriptions of hell in the Bible. One is of a burning fire. Jesus often used the word GEHENNA to describe hell. Gehenna was the refuse dump outside Jerusalem that was always on fire. Jesus said hell was a place of worms, maggots, fire, and trouble. From that we get the image of a lake of fire and the concept of perpetual burning. The evil ones there are full of remorse and torment (see Mark 9:43–48).

Jesus also said that hell would be “outer darkness.” He said that some in His day…

First let me explain what a Quantum Security is :

Quantum cryptography, also called quantum encryption or security is known as quantum mechanics to encrypt messages in a way that it is never read by anyone outside of the intended recipient.

It’s the best way of encrypting any milliary grade informations that no regular computer or quantum computer could decrypt except if they have the encrypting keys.

Now back to our main subject on steps to achieve quantum save security.

✓ Use full-entropy random numbers for all cryptographic purposes. These are necessary for all quantum-safe cryptography.

✓ Use longer keys…

Today i was looking for various means to compress all files using PHP without using any third party online tools but unfortunately what i found was zip archives compress, zar and the rest. There was no single library on the internet designed with PHP to handle file compression including compressing zip files. I was curious and i had to design one.

I eventually did the design which i tested with a zip file having size of about 9.5MB and my PHP Class was able to compress this down to 8.2MB which was still okay for me. At least over 1.3MB…

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